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Face Mask exemption Letters: ‘NO’ GP medical letter needed

Face masks or coverings are now mandatory in most public areas.

We understand that some patients will be anxious about wearing a mask especially those with certain medical conditions.

GP’s are NOT required or in a position to provide exemption letters for patients who believe they should be exempt from wearing a face covering.

The current guidance suggests there is no requirement for the public to provide medical evidence for exemption from wearing face masks therefore a self- declaration should be sufficient.

Please go to the GOV.UK link below for more information on the use of face coverings.

For specific requirements in reference to public transport, shops or other areas where masks are required please contact those specific companies for further information


Due to the current pandemic and pressure on General Practice, we are prioritising the urgent medical needs of our patients and will not be providing a medical certificate for this absence.

If you need to request a medical certificate due to the Covid-19 outbreak and are self isolating, you can self-certify yourself for the first seven days. There is no need to contact a GP. If you need a Med 3 or ‘Fit Note’ after 7 days due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we will not be issuing Fit Notes to Patients. You can download a letter for your employer below.

Please see LMC Fit Note Guidance and Letter to Employers

In the meantime please utilise e-consult as it will help us to work smarter, manage and  prioritise those with the greatest needs during this difficult and challenging time. Click on ‘Get Started‘ below.

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